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About Us

Quite simply, Pijn TV is obsessed with insight. We believe that insight is different from information. While information is ubiquitous, insight is hard to identify and even harder to articulate.

But all of us at Pijn TV believe the hard work of “insight” is worth it because insight differentiates. Insight is productive. And insight is the #1 thing the clients, coworkers and partners of our Pijn TV Subscribers want to experience in 2019.

We have built a unique platform that provides our Subscribers with insight from emerging technologies along with opportunities to win ridiculously amazing prizes. Our original content is always succinct and always produced in a way that enables our Subscribers to be immediately productive.

Our Subscribers can expect at least one new piece of original content on emerging tech every week, along with an opportunity to win a Pijn Prize. And we believe in the power of referrals. That’s why (coming soon) we will give out additional chances to win in our Pijn Prize whenever a Subscriber brings additional friends & colleagues into the world of Pijn TV.

And we believe so strongly in the new, bold approach of Pijn TV for another reason… new communication platforms are required to keep pace with emerging technology. And while PowerPoints and “brown-bag-meet-and-greets” were (somewhat) effective back in 2007, they are an ineffective way to communicate important topics today. A different type of communication platform is needed in 2019 and that is why we are proud to bring Pijn TV to our entire Emerging IT Ecosystem.

Pijn TV also offers our partners a unique ability to communicate with their ecosystem in a new, more productive way.

What's with the name?

Throughout the course of human history no communication method seems as unlikely or "impossible" as the pigeon (the Carrier Pigeon to be more precise). At Pijn TV what started as an inside joke between old friends has actually become an odd respect for the ridiculously amazing job that PIGEONS do when an important message must be delivered. The PIGEON is focused. The PIGEON is undeterred and relentless. And in the case William of Orange back in 1944, the PIGEON is actually capable of savings thousands of lives.

While we aren’t suggesting that Pijn TV is going to save thousands of lives, we do believe that our job of delivering important messages in a world (and more specifically within an Ecosystem) with too much information and too little insight is extremely challenging and worthwhile. We are relentless, determined and a bit unexpected.

So yeah.... PIGEON.

Side note - all derivations of P I G E O N were already taken, so we changed the spelling.


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